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Easter 22 Sale!

I love the opportunity to celebrate and offer discounts and Easter is just one of those occasions where we all love to indulge a little.

Why not consider indulging in our special Easter Sale where I have literally slashed all prices by 25% across the board.

This includes pre-paid packages which give you the opportunity to buy 10 massages for £225, making it the lowest price massage you'll find from us for a long time!

You can use a block booking for up to one year so grab yourself ten and treat yourself to a monthly massage for most of the year!

Don't forget to use the Code Easter22 to secure your massage sale saving.

You can book a massage in a number of ways.

First head over to Fresha where you can see most of my availability online. You can select your slot and buy a single massage, or get yourself a package deal there, and once you enter Easter22 in the checkout you will see the savings.

Secondly, you can just use this website and our online store, grab yourself your voucher and use it to book either via Fresha, social media, email or text. (We even offer LayBuy so you can pay with interest-free payments)

Finally, just head to our SumUp Store and buy there. As above just book via any means.

I look forward to seeing you very soon!

Happy Easter!

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